Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monitored anesthesia care


Monitored anesthesia care involves the intra-operative monitoring of the member’s physiological signs
in anticipation of the need for administration of general anesthesia or the development of adverse
reactions to the procedure.

It must be performed at the request of the attending physician, made known to the member, and
performed according to the facility’s policies and procedures. If medically necessary, monitored
anesthesia care is paid on the same basis as other anesthesia services.

WV Medicaid reimburses an anesthesiologist or CRNA for monitored anesthesia care only if they
meet all of the following requirements:

• Performs a pre-anesthetic examination and evaluation of the member
• Prescribes the required anesthesia
• Participates personally in the entire plan of care
• Is continuously physically present when participating in the case
• Observes all facility regulations pertaining to anesthesia services
• Furnishes all the usual services an anesthetist usually performs.

The modifiers which are to be used for monitored anesthesia care are G8, G9, and QS.

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